marți, 13 ianuarie 2015

"Childhood patch reminder"

Remember when you were little and you loved colors? And funny associations? Like purple and red and brown... And they taught you that they are not complementary and the drawing you tried to make wouldn't be harmonious? And then you grew up and learned trend and style and monochrome... and because you always have to be serious and quiet that became your style?

The name:

"Childhood patch reminder"
Handmade bracelet cuff. On denim with vintage lace and rescued patches. Everything's recycled here, including the adjustable closure and sequins.
See if this is yours or you want it custom made.
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duminică, 11 ianuarie 2015

"Fairy eyelash behind olive leaf" bracelet

Handmade bracelet on denim with vintage lace. Everything repurposed, including the sequins.
The name: "Fairy eyelash behind olive leaf"

sâmbătă, 10 ianuarie 2015

"Small flowers tricky dance"

Handmade delicate bracelet-cuff:
I used here only the following :
Denim, lace, organza, tulle, sequins, cotton and wool threads.
Chaotically adorned with my feelings.
The closure is adjustable, elastic, also recycled.
If you like it or you need something custom made, write me a message.


vineri, 9 ianuarie 2015

"Carmine Apple Fairy Eye" bracelet-cuff

What I've been doing - the good part
I've started in makin' a series of this kind of bracelets-cuffs.
The name: "Carmine Apple Fairy Eye"
As always, I used recycled material:
denim, tulle, cotton threads, organza, buttons, vintage lace...
Also I embelished this bracelet with brand new material and energy:
my imagination.
If this is yours or you want it custom made, write me a message!

More pictures here: my page on Facebook

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joi, 8 ianuarie 2015

miercuri, 7 ianuarie 2015

Fairy garden necklace

This necklace has a special story. I sold this one to a pretty lady from Great Britain.

Mixed media organza necklace

This is the first picture I post on this blog. I made this necklace a while ago. Now it belongs to a painter I met, a woman, I love what she does. She said she found this necklace so fluid that she won't wear it. She integrated this necklace of mine in one of her paintings. This is what "mixed media" therm is about. And one thing creates another. I will post more pictures of this necklace and I will write about how I made it in the next posts. In the mean while enjoy this catharsis. more pictures here